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    Mannesmann steel pipes enable smooth pipeline operation on a long-term basis.

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    Corrosion protection

    Our cement mortar lining ensures reliable corrosion protection.

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    Cost efficiency

    Your economic benefits during pipeline operation.

Mannesmann for water-oil-mix

Reliable solutions for oil-gathering systems in water-flooded oilfields

HFI-welded steel line pipes for smooth, long-term use in transporting corrosive oil-water mixtures were developed specifically for the operating conditions of oil-gathering systems. The economic efficiency and the resistance of the modified cement mortar lining to numerous aggressive substances, which, in combination with slip-welding joints, ensures that the steel surface is continuously protected against the transport medium, constitute a beneficial solution. The environmental aspects were taken into account in the process.

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Smooth pipeline operation on a long-term basis

Our steel tubes "Mannesmann for water-oil-mix" present a proven solution for ensuring long-term, maintenance-free operation of oil-gathering systems in water-flooded oilfields. By preventing leakage and oil loss caused by pipeline corrosion, our pipes help in protecting the environment, thus contributing positively towards optimizing the operator's economic data.

Cement mortar lining

Extensive laboratory tests and many years of use as waste water pipes document the resistance of the cement mortar lining (CML) to numerous organic and inorganic gaseous, liquid and solid substances. The CML provides excellent steel protection, at the same time being an economically advantageous solution thanks to the low costs for the materials used.

Proven cost efficiency

A cost evaluation taking account of the pipe procurement costs, the simplicity of the pipe-laying and the minimization of the effort involved in protecting the joints against corrosion on the construction site, in conjunction with the expected service life, provide confirmation of the economic benefits.

System delivery

A complete pipe system can be delivered with fittings of the same design, an installation device and sealing components for pipe joints. Adapters supplied with the system ensure connection to existing local installations (gate valves, wellhead fittings). Our steel tubes "Mannesmann for water-oil-mix" enjoy virtually unlimited availability.

Support during planning, installation and operation

Services provided by Mannesmann Line Pipe GmbH include project support during the planning phase and training for the pipework installers, also on site. We can likewise advise in selecting pipe parameters subject to operating conditions (pressure, temperature, transport medium).

Confirmed reliability

Observation of a two-kilometre-long pilot pipeline (Western Siberia, Russia) over a period of five years showed no traces of corrosion and/or damage to the pipes in the transport of an aggressive, highly mineralized oil-water mixture. The unchanged condition of the steel pipes including their inner and outer protective coatings was clearly confirmed.

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