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    Safely transporting maximum energy

    Mannesmann steel pipes exploit the energy density of NH3 to import green energy.

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    The good story of ammonia

    The history of the chemical industry has been a success story of NH3 from the very beginning. On the history of ammonia

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    Ammonia for good reason

    Hydrogen has everything going for it. NH3 provides the perfect supply chain.

Mannesmann NH3ready

Safe, efficient and cost-effective

Hydrogen is a major source of hope for the future storage of renewably generated electricity. Electrolysis and fuel cells, after all, permit a largely emission-free cycle in the supply of energy. The challenge, however, is that the storage and transport of hydrogen either take up a lot of space or call for elaborate compression or deep-freezing.

The solution? Ammonia (NH3) as a storage medium for hydrogen.
With our steel pipes Mannesmann NH3ready we provide for both optimal storage and fast and safe transport.

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Ammonia (NH3) – for good reason

  • Storage medium for renewable energy.
  • Ammonia can be stored and transported much more easily, efficiently and cost-effectively than hydrogen.
  • Ideal for mobile solutions where as high an energy density as possible per storage volume is essential.
  • Ammonia can be converted into its liquid state at "only" –33°C or 9 bar.
  • Its energy density is 1.8 times higher than that of liquid hydrogen and 2.3 times higher than that of hydrogen gas.
  • Unlike H2, NH3 can be stored in thin-walled containers → less material used.
  • The longer the transport distance, the greater the benefits of ammonia.

Mannesmann NH3ready – the pipe that adapts to the medium

In its gaseous state, ammonia can be safely transported in NH3ready pipelines up to approx. 300 bar. As its coating variant, Mannesmann Line Pipe GmbH relies here on the tried-and-tested 3-layer coating. For challenging construction methods, the pipes can be additionally mechanically protected with PP, FCM-N, FCM-S or GRP at the customer's request.

If liquid ammonia is to be transported, we recommend polyurethane insulation with a spiral-seam aluminum jacket applied directly to the pipes. This system not only provides protection from corrosion, but also ensures the safe transport of liquefied ammonia at a temperature of at least –33°C.

It goes without saying that Mannesmann Line Pipe GmbH supplies you with the completely finished and insulated product – everything from a single source.

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