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    Pipes for rapid replacement

    Especially for small projects.

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    Line pipe for the toughest requirements

    Our premium pipes meet all the technical requirements familiar in Europe

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    A steel pipe for all applications

    Rapid availability straight from stock.

Mannesmann Premium Line Pipe

Quick and dependable.

In a European market context in which existing pipeline networks are extended or replaced only in special cases, many customers are attaching increasing importance to the security of supply of line pipe at short notice. The right steel pipe has to be available on site in small quantities and within little time.
In times of rising technical demands coupled with small quantities required, Mannesmann Line Pipe's "Mannesmann Premium Line Pipe" is an innovative product tailored to the needs of the market.

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Line pipe for the toughest requirements

The best Mannesmann steel pipes are not created on the drawing board, but by our customers' high expectations. Taking up the highest demands familiar in the European market, Mannesmann Line Pipe has set itself the task of creating a pipe standard that not only meets but also exceeds the standards and exacting expectations and requirements of the oil & gas industry.

The outcome is a high-grade product that not only promises quality and safety to customers from the discerning market, but actually delivers it. This is because our pipes are manufactured and tested with the tightest tolerances in accordance with the customer specifications familiar in Europe. Consequently

"Mannesmann Premium Line Pipe" is a product in a class of its own!

A steel pipe for all applications

What makes our pipes even more special is that we ensure the availability of high-pressure pipes for the oil & gas and chemical industries from our own stocks and without minimum order quantities. This gives our customers immediate access to suitable replacement items in the event of a failure, for example. And we can quickly satisfy the demand for a project due at short notice. At the same time, our customers also do not have to finance their own storage and logistics.

Our range of sizes in stock

So that we can respond quickly and flexibly to our customers' wishes, we keep a selection of Mannesmann Premium Line Pipe in production lengths of 12 m in stock (other lengths on request). The following sizes are possible:

durchmesser /
Outer diameter

Wanddicke /
Wall thickness

Werkstoff /

Schichtdicke /
Layer thickness

mm (inch)mm (inch) in mm
168.3 (6 5/8)4.50 (0.177)L360NE/X52NE  2.7
219.1 (8 5/8)6.35 (0.250)L360NE/X52NE  2.7
273.0 (10 3/4)6.35 (0.250)L360NE/X52NE  2.7
323.9 (12 3/4)7.1 (0.280)L360NE/X52NE  2.9
406.4 (16)7.1 (0.280)L360NE/X52NE  2.9
508.0 (20)8.74 (0.344)L360NE/X52NE  3.2

Reliable coating

The pipes are supplied with a black MAPEC® PE (HDPE) coating as standard. This reliably protects the pipes from corrosion and mechanical impact and ensures they are a match for even the toughest conditions.

In addition, we can of course also offer other coating systems for our steel pipes to meet individual customer requirements. A raw black coating is also possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to propose appropriate solutions.

In such cases, however, the associated production times must be taken into account, as usually these are not stocked items.

Your sales contact

Thorsten Schmidt
Tel. +49 271 691-180

Your contact for technical matters

Manuel Müller
Tel. +49 271 691-163

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Technical Information

Technical standard - Mannesmann Premium Line Pipe

We will be happy to send you the technical standard on request.